Washing Instructions


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There are several ways you can carry out these washing instructions.

  1. Hold the garment under a tap of running water to dissolve and wash off the dried paint.
  2. Immerse the garment in a laundry tub or a bucket of water. Add a good washing detergent and soak for about two hours to loosen the stain. Squeeze out the excess water and detergent mix and run under a tap, again rubbing the stained area between your hands.
  3. If a faint shadowy stain remains, put the garment back in the tub with the detergent to soak overnight.
  4. You can now finish washing the piece by hand or place the garment in with your next washing cycle.

Our priority has been to remove paint stains from school clothing and our washing tests were carried out on cotton or cotton-synthetic garments as worn in most schools. The paint stains came out remarkably well in spite of the intense colour pigments.

Please follow the washing instructions of the detergent manufacturer and note that there are some textiles that may present difficulties in stain removal and should not be worn when painting.

Even very young children respond to good paint and at that age, they like to feel and touch and it is natural for them to wipe paint covered hands onto their clothing. Chroma has worked hard to create a revolutionary paint with a range of vibrant colours and a fabulous consistency that children will love, and now its washability will be appreciated by parents.

Please note the methods outlined above and in the accompanying video are general in nature and results may vary in some circumstances. We do not guarantee or take responsibility for results obtained following these procedures.

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