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Chroma was established in 1965 with the aim to make superior artist and educational paints and mediums. Today Chroma supplies its products to most regions of the world and has a reputation of delivering quality products with a ‘stroke of innovation’.

Chroma Paints

Chroma is dedicated to providing high quality paint for artists, teachers and students. Founded in 1965 by artist and educator, Jim Cobb, Chroma’s focus is, and has always been, on the development of both innovative and quality products.

Our extensive range of products includes oil paints and mediums, artists’ acrylics and mediums, and paints for educational use, as well as paints and mediums for decorative art.

Meet Jim Cobb

I am a paint maker and formulator of both artist and educational paints, but I am also an artist myself. When developing a new paint I’m always looking to add something extra. A quality that is either missing in the paint or an inherent problem that a certain paint has – such as acrylics drying too quickly, or a very young children’s paint that lacks richness, making it less than satisfying for them to use.

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