Meet Jim Cobb

Jim Cobb

Jim Cobb. Artist and Paint-Maker at Chroma.

I am a paint maker and formulator of both artist and educational paints, but I am also an artist myself. When developing a new paint I’m always looking to add something extra. A quality that is either missing in the paint or an inherent problem that a certain paint has – such as acrylics drying too quickly, or a very young children’s paint that lacks colour richness, making it less than satisfying for them to use. Over 50 years of making artists materials, my colleagues and I have developed an Oil paint that has an inner glow and never cracks with age, an acrylic that has quite a unique formula, allowing it to be reopened for blending work. A range of interesting Mediums that allow artists or students to create to their hearts content. The list goes on as you can imagine with 50 years of paint making under your belt.

With the educational paints that we create, I feel that we have a slightly different perspective to most of our competitors. To us quality comes first. It’s imperative to develop paints that inspire young children. As an artist myself, the materials that young developing artists use is very important to me. I can’t imagine that if I used bad paint when I was very young, that I would have developed such a passion for art. I strongly believe that even little children are discerning about quality and particularly about the vibrancy of colour. So its fair to say that we have taken as much care in the creation of our educational paints as we have with the artists paints that we have developed over the years.

Chromacryl is seen by many as the benchmark for acrylics, which of course makes us extremely proud. So why can’t we build on that reputation and offer the best Washable paints, the most Powerful Coverage paints, to allow children the chance to express themselves with quality paints – paints that they love to use and that develop a real passion for creatively. That is what we endeavour to achieve day in and day out here at Chroma.

I do hope you enjoy the passion and energy that we put into our paints, and I hope you share your creations with us through this site. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to see what young artists are creating with our products, so do share your works with us – it makes it all worthwhile.

Jim Cobb | Paint Maker

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