Chroma 2

Chroma 2 is the perfect paint for young expressionists wanting to explore a vast array of painting, printing and craft possibilities. It is a versatile paint with exceptional covering power. It has a thick and creamy consistency with intense pigment loading.

Chroma 2 is rich in colour and satisfying to use for young students!

High Pigment Load

High Pigment Load

Powerful Coverage

Powerful Coverage



Easy Clean Up

Easy Clean Up

Chroma 2

Chroma 2:

  • has exceptional coverage power, being ideal for works on cardboard,
  • is ideal for silk screen printing, lino block and cardboard block printing,
  • is soluble, meaning it can be reopened after it’s dry for easy clean up,
  • cleans from all equipment, even screens or printing rollers clogged with dry ‘Chroma 2’. Simply clean up by soaking in plain water,
  • is able to be used in conjunction with Chromacryl Clear gel Medium to reduce colour intensity without adding white,
  • has a bodied consistency that is ideal for easy clean-up,
  • is ideal for Monotype printing when used in conjunction with Chromacryl Clear Gel Medium. Apply generously to a glass or plastic surface to prepare for monotypes and then paint into the wet Clear Gel Medium.


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Colour Range

Cool Yellow

Warm Yellow


Warm Red

Cool Red


Warm Blue

Cool Blue

Green Deep

Green Light


Red Oxide



Chroma 2 comes in 2 Litres bottles for easy classroom use.

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