Chromacryl Fluid

Chromacryl Fluid concentrate offers 16 beautiful matte colours. These fluid paints dry to a velvety matte finish and have been described as ‘beautifully vibrant and matte’. They offer exceptional value and diversity for primary and secondary schools. With their flowing consistency and high pigment loading, they are ideal for so many different techniques and applications.

High Pigment Load

High Pigment Load

Fluid Paint

Fluid Paint



Chromacryl Fluid

Chromacryl Fluid:

  • behaves very much like an acrylic ink,
  • comes in 250mL bottles, with a range of 16 beautiful colours,
  • offers more versatily than an ink as it is easier to over paint,
  • can be incorporated into Chromacryl paintings,
  • utilises the latest technology in flow formulations,
  • offers a high pigment load,
  • gives art teachers the creative latitude they need to explore contemporary techniques, best achieved with fluid paints,
  • thins with water for unrivaled value or can be used straight from the bottle to achieve opacity of colour,
  • offers a far superior result to regular acrylics that are diluted for fluid painting techniques,
  • can be used for any fine detail techniques, lettering and calligraphy,
  • can be used for, illustrations, posters, signs, papier-mâché and painted models/sculptures,
  • can be used for traditional stylised folk decoration,
  • can be used for Indigenous/Visionary/Intuitive art and general school projects,
  • dries to a velvety matte finish,
  • has minimal colour shift that makes it perfect for teaching colour theory and mixing,
  • offers a self-levelling quality making it ideal for drawing over with markers, pens, pencils or for use in mixed media projects,
  • is completely safe and Non-Toxic,
  • is produced using environmentally friendly practices and cleans up easily with just soap and warm water.


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Colour Range


Trans Yellow

Cool Yellow

Warm Yellow


Warm Red

Cool Red


Warm Blue

Cool Blue

Green Deep

Yellow Oxide

Red Oxide

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Umber


Chromacryl Fluid Concentrate comes in 250mL bottles.

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